A Sky High First Birthday Celebration

Baby Dhruv has been photographed by me since before he was earthside, starting with his mama Anushka's beautiful snowy maternity session in February 2020, and again at his 6 month old milestone when I took portraits of this family of three. It means the world to me that this family has deemed me their "family photographer" for life! 💙

When Anushka reached out about having me over to photograph Dhruv's small first birthday celebration with their closest family and friends, naturally, the answer was YES!

Can you believe her and her mom made the incredible cake pictured above to fit the teddy bear and hot air balloon theme?! They are so incredibly talented! 🧸☁️

We started out with some sweet portraits of the birthday boy in his "hot air balloon" before things got messy!

Dhruv was happy to show us some of his favorite stuffed animal friends too!

Next up, it was time for some family portraits!

This one of the birthday boy with mom and dad remains one of my favorites from the gallery! Dhruv's expression is priceless!

Everybody made sure to grab a photo with the birthday boy before he was full of frosting!

All fired up and ready for cake!

Check out this incredible custom smash cake from Simma's Bakery!

His hat didn't last long...but his excitement for cake did!

Dhruv was living his best life destroying this Simma's cake in a way we all could only dream of doing... but it was time to get ready for the next birthday activity!

Picture this... you're a one year old with not a care in the world, bathing in a bath of...

HOT COCOA AND MARSHMALLOWS! Given his expressions, I think Dhruv might've loved this even more than the cake!!

Splish, splash, he was takin' a hot cocoa bath!

Look at those smiles!!!

Group photos can be tricky when you're in the splash zone! 💦

All in all, Dhruv's first birthday party was a dream and I can't imagine a better way for this little guy to be celebrated by all of the people who love him most! I'm so grateful I was able to capture such special moments for this family, and I can't wait to capture more in the years to come!! I hope this post was able to bring some joy to your day!

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