Welcome to the New + Improved Website!

Hello friends! It recently came to my attention that this website was severely outdated. By that I mean, my mom recently texted me saying, "You know your photography website still says you're a sophomore in college, right?" I've been graduated for one year now...oops! Truth be told, redesigning the website had been on my to-do list for a while now, but I knew it was no small task. In addition to being outdated, the old website was also, in my opinion, pretty ugly! I designed it before I enrolled in college for graphic design, so it didn't have much flow to it and was a bit awkward to navigate. Me being someone who went to college for graphic & web design, I knew that had to change. I needed something that fit my aesthetic: modern, clean, and cozy. So I dedicated an entire weekend (12/21 & 12/22) to building a whole new website from scratch, in just two days. I stayed up until 2am writing my "about" section, which is fitting, considering I'm such a night owl! 🦉🌙 On the bright side, when I designed the old website four years ago, Wix didn't have nearly as many options as it does now, so this design process was pretty fun! One of my favorite new features is parallax images (images that reveal as you scroll up + down). I'm very proud of how the new website turned out, and I hope you guys like it too!!


And now, for some business updates:

I've been setting a lot of big goals for my business for 2020. Some steps needed to happen first, like finally upgrading my camera body after 8 years (check ☑️), updating my pricing (check ☑️) and creating my new website (check ☑️). There are also a few things I need to check off my list on the business-owner side of things in early 2020. After that, I'll be focusing my energy on achieving some goals. I won't be sharing all my goals on here (at least not yet). But one of my biggest goals for 2020 is to break into wedding photography. I currently have two weddings booked for 2020 and I could not be more excited! I plan on using this blog area of my website to share wedding day stories, along with lots of photos! Since I work full-time Monday through Friday, and most weddings are on Saturdays, I think it'll be a perfect fit for my schedule. I may not have much free-time left, but I'll be doing what I love to do, so that's just fine by me. I foresee 2020 being a very busy year, but a year of growth! Do you have any big goals/resolutions for 2020? I'd love it if you shared some in the comments!

Now that I'm done working my butt off on this website, I'm going to go relax, finally fold the many loads of laundry I've been putting off, and wrap my last few Christmas presents!

Wishing you all a warm and happy holiday season, and a happy new year!

xoxo, Sarah

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